About KKI-SD

We are the Indonesian Catholic Community – Diocese of San Diego (Keluarga Katolik Indonesia – San Diego), a community under the Office for Cultural Diversity of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego.

Our monthly regular events are:

  • Faith Building every first Saturday of the month
  • Holy Mass every third Saturday of the month
  • Rosary
  • Bible Sharing

Our events are held at the Guardian Angels Catholic Church, 9310 Dalehurst Rd., Santee, CA 92071


On October 12, 1990, a group of Indonesian Catholics established a young Adult community in San Diego County under the supervision of Keluarga Katolik Indonesia di Amerika (KKIA) which was headquartered in Los Angeles. At the time, KKIA (which was formed on February 19, 1984) consisted of a central office and five regional chapters.

The young adult community in San Diego (KKIA-SD) held regular activities in the form of prayer meetings, bible sharing and social service such as feeding the homeless. The spiritual activities were held under the direction of Indonesian pastors and visiting nuns. (KKIA-SD) also held recreational and sports activities that promote friendship and unity. Moreover, (KKIA-SD) provided assistance to new students and family from Indonesia in adapting to the American life and culture.

In Summer 2001, KKIA as a whole decided to decentralize the regional chapters; and the regional chapters then became Indonesian communities in their respective Archdiocese or Diocese (Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange County and San Diego).

Here in San Diego, the Indonesian Catholic Community was formally registered as a Cultural group or community in the Diocese of San Diego on December 28, 2001. The community is named Indonesian Catholic Community – Diocese of San Diego (ICC-DSD), or in Indonesian, Keluarga Katolik Indonesia – San Diego (KKI-SD).

As stated in our Constitution, the PURPOSE of the Community is as follows:

  1. To support and help Catholic Indonesians in San Diego County in Catholic faith building, social life and American culture adaptation
  2. To nurture Catholicism throughout the Indonesian Community in the Diocese of San Diego and among others in general

Our Community upholds the following CORE VALUES:

  1. Catholic faith
  2. Unity and Friendship in Christ
  3. Service to God and others

Prior to becoming a community under the Guardian Angels Parish in Santee in 2011, KKI-SD previously was part of Newman Center SDSU from 2001-2008, and Blessed Sacrament Parish from 2009-2010.

Our membership has seen growth over time, with the current count of approximately 200 individuals (singles, and families with children). We reside in the San Diego County spanning from Fallbrook to Chula Vista, and from La Jolla to El Cajon.

In terms of ministries, we have Family & Adult Ministry and Young Adult / Youth Ministry. Our activities include prayer meetings, bible sharing, social service, sports, recreational activities, and participation in Diocese of San Diego, and Guardian Angels Parish.